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 1、 On 22nd Feb 1987, board chairman Mr.Zhangj Jianhong leaded 38 employees, so called “first term class of  Huangpu”, to study in Jinan, since then, Dongyue began to establish.
2、 On 1st Jul 1987, 1200Mt AHF facility started produce. Jinan Chemical Factory Huantai Branch-the precursor of Dongyue Group was formally set up.
3、 On 1991,Mr.Zhang Jianhong proposed Dongyue spirit “seek outstanding, never give up”.
4、 In 1991, Dongyue implement military style management. Therefore, it formed Dongyue operational style as “carry out resolutely, do right now”.
5、 On 1st May 1993, new 3000Mt R22 project had been implemented successfully in one time.
6、 In October 1995, Dongyue ahd USA Huashi Co. signed the first export contract. Since then, Dongyue product had been introduced to the world.
7、 On 18th Nov 1996, Dongyue began to cooperate with Malaysia Macrolink Group. Dongyue Chemical Co. Ltd. was formally established.
8、 On 30th Aug 1997, Dongyue passed ISO9002 quality insurance system authenticate, and then, successively passed ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO10012 measurement system and UL product safety authenticates, Dongyue became the fires company that passed 4 authenticates within the industry.
9、 On 31st Dec 1997, Dongyue sales income breaks through 100million RMB.
10、 On 9th Jul 1998,Dongyue and Tsinghua University signed cooperative agreement at Jinan Nanjiao Hotel.
11、 On 28th Apr 1999, Dongyue honorably won “national labor award”.
12、 In Feb 2001, Dongyue was confirmed as national emphasis hi-tech enterprise.
13、 On 19th Feb 2001, board chairman Mr.Zhang Jianhong and Phr.Zhu Mingshan of Tsinghua University attend state sic-tech reward meeting. Dongyue-Tsinghua green refrigerant honorable won state tech innovation prize.
14、 In 2001, Dongyue got into top 500 companies of china petrochemical industry as No.479. Just after 5years, the rank rose to No.52 in 2006.
15、  At 18 o’clock of 23rd Apr 2002,after 11 years’ hard work, Dongyue Polymer Company 3000Mt PTFE started up.
16、 On 26th Jun 2002, at the time of 15th anniversary, Dongyue held 10,000Mt polymer material first term project opening ceremony, and the second term foundation ceremony.
17、 On 20th Aug 2002, Mr.Zhang Jianhong proposed “ ample moral to do everything, faith to treat everyone ” as Dongyue ethics in company management innovation and three year development strategic forum.
18、 On 29th Nov 2002, Dongyue held China Dongyue PTFE Recommendation Conference. Presently, Dongyue PTFE was called as black horse in the market.
19、 On 8th May 2003, Dongyue held three projects foundation ceremony: thermal electricity, chlormethane and chloralkali, which invested totally 1 billion RMB. The industrial park construction started.
20、 In Sep 2003, Dongyue-Tsinghua green refrigerant was used on Daya bay nuclear power plant.
21、 On 7th Sep 2004, China material expert, academician Mr.Shi Changxu visited Dongyue to review ion membrane R & D. Mr.Shi gave highly evaluation to Dongyue significant contribution.
22、 On 10th Nov 2004, Shangdong province secretary of CPC Mr.Zhang Gaoli, governor Mr,Han Yuqun, and other 150 persons, who attend provincial development communication meeting, visited Dongyue.
23、 On 8th Sep 2005, provincial government promotes Dongyue ion membrane industrialization meeting was held in Dongyue. Dongyue ion membrane project had been as proposed No.1 hi-tech project to support.
24、 On 2nd Nov 2005, Dongyue fluorine silicon industrial park customer invitation and new product recommendation meeting held in Hong Kong. On 11th Oct 2006, Dongyue fluorine silicon industrial park plan conference was held in Qingdao Haitian hotel. Both meetings apparently promoted the fame of Dongyue and the park.
25、 On 19th May 2006, Dongyue ion membrane project passed state 863 plan inspection.
26、 On 4th Apr 2006, Dongyue and Shangdong province construction bank held strategic cooperation and credit signature ceremony. Dongyue had been given 6 billion RMB credit.
27、 On 12th May 2006, Dongyue signed CDM project cooperation contract with Nippon steel, Mitsubishi Co. Ltd. that it was the largest CDM project in the world.
28、 On 22nd Nov 2006, state personnel ministry and related departments held post doctor state opening ceremony. Dongyue formally set up post doctor station.
29、 On 6th Jul 2006, Dongyue fluorine silicon material industrial park security company opening ceremony was held, city government made special funds in to guarantee park development.
30、 On 7th Jul 2006, Dongyue solemnly help 400,000Mt organic silicon project foundation ceremony. The project total invested 4.5 billion RMB.
31、 On 5th Aug 2006, Mr.Li Yongwu inspected Dongyue and high evaluated Dongyue developmental speed. He said: “Dongyue is just like appear in one night.”
32、 In Sept 2006, Dongyue green refrigerant was honorably entitled China Famous Brand.
33、 On 11th 2007, China fluorine silicon material association auspices Dongyue group independent innovation and scientific development forum. Attending expert highly appraised Dongyue’s significant contribution on petrochemical and fluorine silicon industry in passed 20 years.


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